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Not Bored

As you may know, I have been tweaking my website.

There is an awful lot of advice for creatives on how to do this. 

I try to listen to all of the advice and then send it through the what-feels-right-to-me filter.

One bit of advice I have been putting off is migrating my Blogger blog to my website to avoid having viewers exit my website with the possibility of never returning.

There are many reasons why I didn’t want to give up my blog, Bristol Bored that I have had since 2008, .

Sentimentality, loyalty, fear of new things are among the reasons I hesitate.

The biggest reason I didn’t want to switch is I don’t want to lose my freedom to experiment, to fail.

So I kept my blog neatly off of my nice pretty new website, like the pristine living room that only company is allowed to sit in. Well, if you have ever been to my house you know that I don’t have one of those rooms.

So without further ado:

Welcome to my new blog!

I hope my Blogger followers will join me over here along with some new subscribers. I do appreciate your support and attention over the years. Sometimes one kind comment is enough to keep me moving forward.

I am going to keep Bristol Bored up for now but I’m not going to migrate the content over here.