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Crowe Quill

A few weeks back I was contacted by literary agent, Sara Crowe to do some hand lettering of her name for the relaunch of her website.

With a name like Crowe, how could I resist?

After some initial emails I got an idea of what she was looking for.

My first step was to brainstorm by writing her name over and over again like a middle schooler does her crush.

I used mostly a brush with either ink or black watercolor on bristol board or watercolor paper.


After looking through all of the versions, I narrowed it down to the hand lettered styles that I liked and that would suit a website for a literary agent that specializes in children and young adult literature.

I also wanted to incorporate a crow somehow, of course.

I looked through my existing crow drawings and drew a couple of new ones hoping I could figure out a way to make them fit in. They all distracted from the hand lettering and Sara’s name which I wanted to keep the focus on.

CrowOne day I was having lunch in the back yard when I noticed a feather in the grass.

I finished my sandwich and went back in the art studio with a new idea.


Now it was time to put the pieces together in Photoshop and email them to Sara to get her feedback.

I sent her three designs to choose from and this is the one that she and I both liked best.



Sara sent it to her web designer, IceyDesigns who did a great job incorporating it into her beautiful new website. http://www.saracrowe.com/about

logo2This was a fun project to work on.

Let me know if you or any of your friends need custom lettering or any bird related artwork at moiraswiatkowski@gmail.com

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