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Keeping Me on my Toes

My ballet dancing daughter, who sometimes acts as my art director needed a new bag to hold her dance gear and she had the great idea for me to make of a pattern with the five positions.

Ballet BagSo, once dinner and homework was done I went up in the studio and drew my daughter’s feet.

ballet sketch

Since I never took ballet classes, I used the internet to make sure I had the positions correct and in my research I learned the french names for the different positions. So, I added some hand lettered text to the pattern with the french names bellow each foot position. I added a touch of ballet pink and a few transparent butterflies.

As the French say, “Voila”.

ballet pattern

I got the pattern done that night and uploaded it to my Society6 shop.

A few days later the package arrived from Society6 and my daughter quickly filled her new bag and headed to dance class.

It’s always a good feeling to have a happy client.

ballet girl